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Online poker is holding on

“We had no problem with accepting us”- players claim. And that is pure truth – they could spend as much time as they wanted for gambling online. Casino for US players is some kind of a sacred place which gives every willing person equal opportunities to play and to win or at least to have a good time without any worry to have problems with the law. These things were possible because some financial companies got an official permission to accept US players in casinos online.

But the beginning of the year suddenly came with the sticking news: representatives of the biggest financial company Mastercard all of a sudden made a decision to leave the USA because they could not solve the problem with the local government. What were the conditions they denied to accept? US players were greatly surprised at the sad news. The news meant that some online casinos would be disabled to accept USA players because a lot of American citizens were in the habit of using this payment system for their rates in online casinos all over the global system but the event put all their operations under a big question.

American players had no possibility to enjoy a lot of things others can in the sphere of gambling and now they lost the ability to pay for their game in the way they had been doing for years and it is really a hard thing for accepting USA players have a difficult situation due to the local government which did its best to worsen their position. As a result a whole sphere of illegal business emerged here and the budget of the country lost a lot of money because of that.

Still the obscure situation with casino online is not cleared up yet. The thing is gambling online proved to be a commercial success and thus all the participants of this sphere aim at getting personal benefits. And when the old system of payment is ruined for Americans they are sure to look for another priority. Casino for USA players still works and does its best for them to feel as comfortable as they felt before. Sites like are ready to welcome every guest. And the main thing about the situation around poker online is to know that there exist rooms ready to accept us, players.